Love Child Organics lil’shake



  • Nutritional Drink for Kids
  • Two flavours: Vanilla and Chocolate
  • Protein-rich shake perfect for kids aged 1-10
  • Made from organic whole milk, fruit and veggies
  • 24 Non-GMO vitamins and minerals
  • No artificial ingredients, colours or preservatives
  • Canadian Certified Organic


  • Price (In a local health food store for $13.99 CDN for a package of 4 as seen below!)
  • Not too sweet (as compared to other Children shakes on the market — this can be a positive OR a negative)


First off, I was very excited to have my Little One try this product, as she LOOOOOOVES just about everything that Love Child makes (we’ve tried the baby food pouches, Love Ducks corn puffs, Owlies cookies, Oaty Chomps bars and the Teefies wafers). I’ve given it to her both at room temperature and chilled, and she doesn’t seem to have a preference. My daughter is a picky eater, she wasn’t even a fan of Pediasure (which I hear all kids love), so I wasn’t too shocked that she wasn’t crazy about this product. She would drink a few sips, but that was enough. I actually wish she liked this a lot more, as It definitely has a LOT less sugar than Pediasure, and I love the fact that it is organic and contains real ingredients (i.e. non-GMO, no preservatives or colours), it contains fruits AND vegetables, many vitamins and minerals, etc. I tasted it myself and it really just tastes like a low sugar milk shake – I liked it. If my daughter did like it more, I’d be willing to purchase it regularly…IF it wasn’t so pricey (although I understand why it is). It’s great to drink just as is. I love the fact that it is packaged in a wide mouthed bottle, which makes it easier for little mouths to drink from. It is great to serve as is, or mixed into a smoothie, or another milk/non-dairy based drink. Remember to shake WELL, as although I did, I saw a couple clumps at the bottom of the cup. Overall great product for a child who needs some additional nutrients, and definitely a healthier option than Pediasure.